Bringing conscious living to the people of London through Yoga and Wellbeing
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zara rush // yoga


Conscious Cub founder Zara wanted to create a space for Londoners to practice the art of self study and explore the exchanges of everyday life. Her yoga teaching style is rooted in the Anusara practice, a form of yoga that focuses on all that strikes your heart with beauty, allowing you to find a sense of self in our busy world and enabling you to cultivate positive energy for yourself and others.


richie bostock // breathwork


Richie, or “The Breath Guy”, has made it his mission to spread the life changing possibilities of Breathwork. Breathing is the only system in the body that is both automatic and also under our control. Breathwork can provide the key to becoming a healthy, happy and well functioning human. Having traveled around the world learning from many of the modern day masters, he now shares powerful breathwork techniques around the world.


jade shaw // conscious sleeping


Jade speaks on and teaches the practise of Out of Body Experience (also known as Astral Projection) for self development and spiritual growth. Drawing on personal experience, academic research and spiritual traditions, she offers an in-depth view of the phenomena. She believes this ancient practice is at the cutting edge of self development and can radically shift our state of consciousness. 


chantelle blackwood // divine i am & reiki


Chantelle is a true advocate for the healing benefits of Reiki and Divine I Am Practices, she believes in its power to bring her students into balance and find deeper connections to self. Reiki is a form of therapy often described as palm healing and is usually practiced one on one, Divine I Am brings Reiki methods into a group environment. Sessions can lead to phenomenal shifts in self awareness, relationship healing, growth in confidence, spiritual connection, greater clarity, realisations and inner peace.


kristen wojciechowski // health & fitness


Fitness professional and model, Kristen, hosts the popular at home fitness channel on YouTube, K’s Perfect Fitness TV, which has seen over 30 million hits! Her online workouts feature a fusion of bodyweight exercises that get you strong, toned and lean whilst maintaining your flexibility. Kristen keeps workouts short and effective for all levels of fitness. As well as presenting her YouTube channel, she can be found dancing, personal training and as a lead instructor at Xtend Barre London.


abigail james // skin & wellness


‘A-list’ facialist, wellbeing expert, author, and influencer, Abigail is one of the industry’s most respected skin and wellness experts. Her philosophy has long embraced the power of natural ingredients combined with the effectiveness of scientific technologies. Her first book ‘Love Your Skin’ launched in May 2017 and is based on her philosophy that the link between our skin, our identity and our sense of self-worth is inextricable.


CHloe smeaton //

doterra essential oils wellness advocate


As a doTERRA advocate, Chloe leads workshops which illuminate how essential oils work and how they can be transformational in supporting areas of your life ranging from stress and mood management to sleep and immune system support. doTERRA is a leading pure essential oil company and a global movement. Chloe is truly passionate about helping people achieve both physical and mental wellness, and a better work/life balance amongst the pressures of urban life.  

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Aldo was born a natural psychic and channel for spirit and the higher dimensions. Through training in a variety of metaphysical-esoteric practices and Initiations he has learnt to hone, remember and understand his wisdom. Through healing and psychic guidance, sessions aim to inspire you to acknowledge your own divinity, find clarity and step into power. 

His passion for others growth has lead him to demonstrate his Psychic and Channeling work on tv, radio and even inspired him to create his own deck of tarot cards.